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Tips for Job Search Networking

Tips for Job search Networking

Which is more important emailing lots of resume to prospecting employers or having superb career networks? Well they both are needed to help you with the right job, and you should put an effort on daily basis. Having a career network is important, especially when you know successful people who are well connected in their field that you can refer to later. Studies show constantly that most jobs are available to net workers, also hiring managers are less comfortable hiring totally strangers. When you are introduced to a company through your network connection, you will start out the job search process with a greater ease than you could by entering the process as a total stranger. This helps you put your best foot forward when you network well. You’ll learn of jobs before thousands of other applicants learn about them. Networking, then understandably worth taking the time to learn how to network and take advantage of your connections. It’s a smart career move to always be networking, no matter what’s going on for you professionally. If you don’t need help at this time, build-up your networking power by helping others.

When You Are Fired

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Losing your job some time is inevitable. Problems of not having a job can come as a shock and disbelieve, but if you can act fast and play it smart you’ll recover fast. If unemployment sticks around longer than expected and if it continues on, the worse become, possibly for years, if you let it.  If you have been laid off and need a new job, then you may want to read on the article below with some options that you may consider to implement.

As you may know, you have a number of different options. One of those great options is calling around like networking with previous colleagues, friends and associates and possibly family members too. If you aren’t able to place a call, you would likely have to leave a message to see them for coffee or lunch some excuse, like to catch up. This can take up a considerable amount of your time, especially if it turns out the colleague in question isn’t even interested to help you out then your time can be better spent focusing on those who are.

Networking to Find Jobs

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Networking is the conscious but subtle art of active communication between successful professionals. The idea is not new, successful businessmen have always had their old-boy networks at the yacht club or on the golf course. The art of networking has become essential for the rest of us to survive and succeed. Now the job market, headhunters estimate that 87 per cent of all jobs are filled through contacts. According to the job market statistics, it takes 95 contacts to produce two job offers. Networking has come of age; telephones, telemarketing, and teleconferencing have put dozens of networks instantly at our fingertips. It has become a life-style, once you understand what you are doing and why, networking is fun and easy. Unfortunately, many especially women conditioned since childhood to wait for the phone to ring feel uneasy about reaching out to others or making the first move. They are afraid they may step on toes or offend someone.

Any Issues in Your Job Search?

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Job search is a very stressful and difficult process. This is even made more severe today because so many companies are reducing their staff. It seems for available jobs is increasing the number of job applicants for a shrinking number of employment. Consider these secrets: Write down on a piece of paper your problems                                           Because, when you write problems down, you take an instant, big jump towards solving them. If you are stressed to find a job, write down empowering questions of your position that you yourself can solve.  Do Not depend on parents, friends, government to do this for you. When you give up responsibility for solving your issues with your job or anything else, you become dependent of outside forces. Then, come up with at least 7 possible solutions and take action on the best one today. When you do, you’ll be that much closer to getting the job you really want, faster.