Top 3 Tips To Prevent Holiday Stress

Top 3 Tips To Prevent Holiday Stress

As the holiday season approaches for loads of fun and good cheer, but for so many can be stressful time, both physically and financially. Stress plays a serious role in life. It can help you achieve work timely, promote healthy competition, and force you to assess problems and convey creative solutions. It can also hinder your ability to successfully execute your job, thereby reducing your chances of finding your job; interfere with your capacity to tolerate relationships; and lead to physical illness. So, how do you find balance especially during holiday season?

There are ways to remedy the discomfort, pain, and strain to prevent holiday season stress. Many unemployed people just experience happiness or frustration at their cash flow results, it’s often tied to their upbringing. However, totally eliminating stress isn’t necessary read the following tips.

1- Communicate effectively, to prevent misunderstandings for you as well as the other people. Don’t focus only on your verbal and written communication with your circle of friends and family because listening is a lost art for most, and one that can be improved. No matter what your position is, strong communication skills are essential when others are clear about what you expect of them. Instead of being a victim of your circumstances, you’ll start taking charge and direct action to create the changes necessary to achieve your holiday dreams and 2018 goals. If you have kids and don’t want them to miss out Santa experience, sell a few items that you’ll never use, on places like on eBay, Etsy or even on social media “ Facebook”.

2- Navigate Clear of Procrastination by staying on top of things will reduce stress when the unexpected occurs. Procrastination often rears its unpleasant head when you are faced with a task you would rather not to do. Instead of putting it off, determine if it would be appropriate to delegate a portion of the task to someone else, if not, get it out of the way first. Address problems as they arise. Don’t push issues to the back-burner because you don’t want to face them. Confront problems as they arise in order to avoid stress from building up and unleashing itself at an inappropriate time. Instead of living in a ‘poor me’ state, be aware of your negative thoughts, acknowledge your emotions, and move on to re-frame the negative attitude by being grateful for what you have, and anything good in your life is possible. Choose to be optimistic and happy and put your focus on things you want in your life.

3- Many people have difficulty saying no but you can say ‘NO’ when a job is outside your scope of responsibility, consider whether it will help you achieve your goals. If not, politely decline the offer and move on to something that will.

Last but not least, the natural response to happiness is smiling. And according to science, the opposite is also true, smiling can create happiness. So even if you’re not feeling cheerful, wearing a smile tricks your brain into believing you are happy and optimistic. The more you smile, the happier your mood will be, and when you smile at others, they’re likely to identify you as an approachable person, besides, your smile doesn’t cost you anything, but it can make a big difference. Studies have also shown that you can be more caring toward others by practice to be loving and compassionate which can result lower social anxiety and reduce antisocial behavior. Set a small goal for yourself to smile at the people when you meet, it will do you wonders. Enjoy the celebrations, and have a Happy and cheerful New Year!