Make Things Happen Your Way!

Make things happen your way!

In order to take the first steps of securing yourself a new position, you must be able to grab the attention of the reader in the first 30-40 seconds. If you are TRULY good, that duration will extend beyond few minutes. In essence, the success of your engineering job search depends on the effectiveness of your resume. Your success of your engineering job search depends on how successfully communicating your resume and often it is a difficult document compare to a regular resume to develop. Keep in mind resumes do not get employment people get employment but resumes get interviews. You know better than anyone to tailor your experience and get the basics of your knowledge down on paper in a sensible fashion and create selling resume to the employer. It depends on how effective your selling pitch is in your resume to prompt the reader to contact you for an interview.

We have outlined and demonstrated three tips to guide you by sticking to these guidelines will demonstrate your use of those skills to potential employers. It’s your job to make sure that your resume stands out among the hundreds of others on that person’s desk.

1- Your experience needs to be clearly outlined by listing each assignment that was performed at a company providing as to what was involved and achieved. Demonstration of problem identification and ability to come up with solution is vital. The prospective employer is not going to take the time to read between the lines as to whether you have a certain type of experience or skill. Think accomplishments rather than job duties and what made you stand out from the rest the way you do things better and efficiently or for less cost.  The key to accomplishing this relevancy is not by showing what you have done in the past only, but highlighting what you can do for a potential employer in the future. Information such as this will make your engineering resume to go on the top of the stack to be contacted.

2- Accept the fact that we are in a paper less era and your resume will be viewed on a computer screen, but that doesn’t mean your documents need to be visually ugly. Select the best format between skill set description, achievements and employment history, with the advantage being that assignments and projects can be pointed for greater impact. Implementing bullet points are a quick way that will allow employer to skim through and catch important facts when you can combine effectively and get the point across. By creating a CD ROM Portfolio of these images of your projects you would enhance your skill sets and experience to the next level. Engineers are expected to be detail oriented so no error in the engineering resume by keeping information relevant to the goal of attaining an interview.

3- Keep your resume positive and interesting and pour all your energies into wringing that opportunity is worthwhile. Reason for leaving a job, setbacks, failed initiatives, etc. do not have a place on an engineering resume. Employers are seeking people who can contribute, have a positive attitude, are enthusiastic, and have successfully performed similar job skills in the past. Concentrate on communicating these issues and avoid any detracting information which isn’t helpful. It is your job to understand what your employer cares about and what’s important for the organization and make that happen by being proactively and taking responsibility alert for positive outcome.

Remember, you can make things to go your way and you are the creator of your life story. Resumes do not get jobs You get a job. Resume that you write can get attention and award you with an interviews. Make sure you are prepared for that telephone call when it arrives. And make sure you have an engineering resume that will make the phone ring and to read more click here.