8 Tips to Earn as a Bartender

Tips to Earn as a bartender

What you were taught in school no longer applies to the job searching skills needed in today’s market. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money by doing some odd jobs, then learn to think outside the box about the possibilities. There are many creative ways to spend a few hours each day doing jobs to make some extra money. In uncertain economic times, there is a few things that will always remain constant.  One of the constants, without question, is a person’s need to eat.  Surprisingly, even fine bar establishments do well in both inclement and prosperous times, rarely feeling the crunch of economic uncertainty.  This affects not only their availability for customers, but for employees as well. For many people, in this competitive and hostile world, a bar may be a sole source of fuel for those basic things that are essential to us all as humans, we are social beings after all. The fact is, we all undergo pressure and feel that we are, in one way or another, unable to cope with the mad rush of 21st century living.  When we push ourselves too hard, we usually wind up being less effective in getting things done. And much worse, we fall down in a spiral of depression, stress and anxiety that can hinder us in a number of ways, diminishes the quality of our thinking, makes us irritable and hard to get along.

In a bar, you will find an interesting and diverse community of people who will seek out fine bars, not only for the relaxation and companionship, but also for at ease and comfortable environment where they are recognized and accepted. So stopped being worried and burden and challenged of corporate life and find a few hours job in a bar to earn that extra bucks you may have a lot of fun. The bartender job can earn you good money if you do it right, word of warning, it is tiring and demanding like any job. Every bar is different in its nature it could be a strip bar or a cocktail lounge in a restaurant, but if you follow these tips, you can make it both fun and profitable side job.

1- Greet all of your customers like you know them for years with a big smile. Having a note pad to write down will help you with their name and drinks to offer them later. And remember these are customers and not your bodies so act and stay professional.

2- If you see your regular customer comes accompanied by a companion, treat them both well and address the customer that you are happy to see them again. Be sure to use the finest glass for their friend and treat like royalty with respect, not only you get rewarded a nice tip, but they’ll be back over and over again and looking for you.

3- Your smile and enjoyment of your job to serve your customers are a lot more than doing tricks and tossing bottles and glasses. However, if you can do the acrobatic things with bottles and glasses to entertain your customers is a bonus but most people are there for a drink, company, respect and recognition that they don’t receive normally.

4- The ability to make money in this industry has to do with how well the drinks are made and how quickly they can deliver them to customers if you are in a restaurant lounge serving. There is a delicate balance between bar and table customers. Keep an eye on your own customers, and try to anticipate when they might need another drink.

5- There are many places to get license to be a bartender, but you need to check with your state and their requirements. But study any bartender’s book on mixed drinks and watch your co-workers mix drinks. It is a talent that can be learned from experience even when you don’t know a drink don’t be ashamed, asked them how, and they are proud to teach you.

6- You may have many opportunities for close relationship, but stay focused it is a job and you are there to make a living and don’t forget it as one night stands, and you may regret that moment.

7- If there is a trouble and violence, avoid coming out from behind the bar at no cost you may end up in jail acting as a security. Your job is behind the bar serving customers and if they are intoxicated with too much alcohol try not to serve them more, if they become aggressive, just warn the security people quietly.

8- Depending on the type of bar you are working but tip jars are sort of an optional thing. If you establish your relationship techniques with your customers as being described here, it should be face to face experience with your customers. Thank them for having spent their time there with you, particularly when they are cashing out and they are a lot more likely will tip you well personally, and you don’t need to fight over nickel and dime in the jars.

Some bars and restaurants can become busy crazy every nights and you may not be able to apply some of these techniques, especially with live band music or just DJ live music. However, you will find brief moments when you can utilize these tips and we can assure you if you apply them, will pay off big times.Not just in this industry you’ll be successful but in general you’ll be able to communicate much better with people in your next job and to read more click here.