Be a Good Team Player at Work

Be a Good Team Player at Work

The world today is based on work. You work for someone else or you work for yourself. You own your own business and you work at that or you own someone else’s business, and they work for you. You’re a mover and a shaker, and people everywhere work as a team and every member of staff contributes to the development of the organization. Every employers need good employees as much as the reverse holds true, especially when a partnership and collaborations exist between employees. Before taking over a position in the new company, make a preliminary analysis of the company managing style. Don’t think you will adapt to its rules if they contradict your nature, only working in harmony with your inner world will bring you positive results instead of endless exhaustion and self-letdown.

Joining an established team could be a difficult task. In most cases, team building happens with little mediation, the new team member can be welcomed and given time to bond, however, in some cases the new team member will join a team with issues and where, regardless of the effort, He/she is unwelcome. The following are few secrets for you to consider when joining an established team.

Being aware of the peculiarities of every style in your team will help you to play your cards right. The idea of a whole bunch of people who have probably nothing in common except their need for a paycheck, force them into situations that they may dislike, and ask them to get along, smile, and be team players could be a hard task by itself. However, listen and learn from other team members, you may even learn a better way and don’t tell them how to do things better. Team building will not be helped if you think you are better than everyone else.

If you are joining the team at a senior level you can’t expect to automatically be given respect, you need to earn respect by understanding your team rather than demanding it. Avoid sentimentality and keep references to the team you have just worked with to be realistic. Your new team will not want to listen to your recollections of what a great group of people you worked with. Occasionally make positive remarks about the current team, but don’t overdoing it.

Be a team player and avoid at all costs to work alone and make sure you stay in the team and ask for help if necessary to build rapport with other team members. Also don’t take too much responsibility beyond your capacity in the hope it will like you to the team, but keep your promises real and reliable.
The company works according to the principles of an ideal team, everyone does what he is best at, besides he/she adds up to building up the ideal pyramid with small bricks.

Last but not least, leave your doors open for communication and it is okay to confess you are new and need support. Sometimes people feel asking for help is a sign of weakness, but it can be one of the best ways of team building. When you approach the person in your team especially who is less friendly, the experience is often innovative and to read more click here.