Ace Interview and Aptitude Tests

Ace Interview and Aptitude Tests

There is no surprise that all employers want the top candidate who will best fit their job from personality, skills and intelligence. Companies who want to hire can test applicants for pre-employment tests and background checks are all legal, as long as they use non-discriminatory based on race, color, sex, or disability etc. Employers often use tests and other selection procedures to screen applicants for hire and it isn’t uncommon. The types of exams and checks used for hiring include personality, intellectual, aptitude tests and medical, credit and background checks. As intimidating all sounds and appears, the key to success and achieving a top score and get hired is preparation and practice. Many people have a fear of tests, but these tests only part of the overall assessment and employers will use them alongside interviews and reference checks. Many applicants go through a bit of a rough awakening when stepping into a new job, they have to hit the ground running, or at least cope as best they can with a learning curve. Some of the aptitude and skills can be transferred easily from learning or experience on a job to one employer to another and can provide useful to job success. The success setting techniques outlined below are so can guide you through the important factors for you to ace your job tests:

1- Prior to taking any tests to land a job is to get yourself in good physical and mental shape. You need to be at your best to produce good results specially in psychometric aptitude testing. Your low energy is likely to lower your marks so make sure you are well rested and energized for the big day.

2- Contact the recruiter and find out what qualities the right applicant should have also you’ll have some hints in the position description of a job that can help you. Find out the type of questions and tests you need to practice from the assessor. It is your right to know the type of tests, duration and where you’ll be expected to sit. Depending on the type of test, employment testing can be conducted online or in the employer’s office. However, using online testing stops the need for the applicants to visit the company’s office or for the company to have to administer the test.

3- Research the company you are sitting the tests for and understand their values and culture and company background. This information can help you in the personality tests and your interview as well.

4- Learn and practice your tests to master and the techniques, strategically. Self-assessment tests on every topic are available online and in many cases are free. The test questions varies depend on the complexity of the job you are applying for so not all jobs get the same test questions. All too often job seekers think that they are good at Math, English and will do Psychometric testing very well but they can be misled. Psychometric Tests purpose to size your mental, verbal and numerical reasoning skills and are timed in a very unique way. To master these tests you need to add a new set of test taking approaches by understanding with the type of test questions will get you a competitive edge and will give you significant advantage, so practice as many tests as you can before sitting your assessment.

5- Plan and set your time during your assessment and spend a few minutes to read over all the questions to get yourself familiarize. Make sure you make a note of how much time you have and roughly how long you should be spending on each question. Don’t get stuck on a question move on to the next. You may find the next question easier and if you have time left, can revisit the hard questions and remember the easy questions score the same as hard ones.

The keys to Ace your tests successfully are consistency and discipline. In short, know exactly how you need to be prepared, and how exactly you need to do. Keep these important key factors in mind always and, who knows, your dream job could become reality in no time when you score highest level for the aptitude test and pass your interview and personality test, and to read more click here