Pre Job Screening for Drug Test

Pre Job screening for Drug test

Lot of employers these days complain of not finding good employees, and most have found a way that assures them success. As we discussed in our previous article background checking on job applicants will usually caution employer against hiring someone whose information is hard to read, has gaps or inconsistencies, or is lacking important details. So companies have candidates fill out a job application that is specifically designed to get the information that’s required to run a complete background check. Job seekers unthinkingly accept that the employer has something they want which is a job, therefore employer position is superior. If this is truly the way things are, then employers should not complaining about difficulty finding good employees and let’s stop the fiction. So this reality of mutual need is unclear before you even submit a resume.

Depending on the industry, the job opening ads sometimes state, drug test required which is legally OK for the employer to request. However, often the employer will ask you to take drug test as a condition of employment because they don’t want to devote those resources like training new employee only to find out months later is a drug or alcoholic abuser.

The results of the test determine whether or not the employer wants you on the team, wouldn’t be nice if you could get the drug test done on your boss, that way you would know who you are working for and make an employment offer more attractive. This way you could put your mind at ease that your boss can’t make your work life miserable or create chaos in your work life.

We would like to see some data indicating employees are statistically more prone to drug / alcohol abuse than their managers before accepting the current state of affairs as reasonable. Psychological testing, is another testing which is popular with some employers, which we think should be mutual as well.

Finally, this insistence that we disprove the strict mutuality of the employer-employee relationship, demonstrates something that’s always puzzling while reading Human Resources advice in the employments. It is often stressed that a potential employee should be fully honest while interviewing for a position, sounds sensible. But we wonder if they’re advising employers to do the same, because there aren’t any articles on this matter that we can locate.

How often have you found the companies to be as advertised after a short while on the job? We have heard that many new employees find themselves on their first day at the job by their supervisors or boss, that it was their way or the highway. During the interviewing process, probably they were falling all over themselves to convince you to join the ranks which you’ll find out soon within your first weeks of employment that much of their presentation had been a lie. We are certain if you had been provided with psychological profiles or urine samples of those bosses beforehand, you would have declined the offer. But of course, they had a right to see yours, while you only had the right to hope for the best.

Whatever the reason is for the examination, the chances are excellent that a hiring company will want to look into your past and current. You need a job and it is vital important thing you can do is to be prepared when it happens and to read more click here.