Finding a Job Isn’t What You Know

Finding a Job Isn’t What You Know

Have you got an issue finding a job? Is it because of not having enough networking contacts or possibly not doing that well with interview questions? Whatever the reasons maybe and you think these are enormous problems, but believe it, these are as common as catching a cold and you’ll recover in no time. But have you considered to write down your problems on a paper? When you write your problems down your brain thinks of solutions and that is how any great inventor started by first worked out on a paper. So why not solve your employment problem the same way? We have outlined some steps for you to follow and by the end of these exercise you’ll be amazed that things you thought were a problem is none existent because you have answered to the right questions. Wait…Don’t knock this exercise until you try it!

The first step – Ask the right questions that is motivating and inspiring, like how you found your last job and you can do it again, your friends found their jobs use their method, or why should prospective employer contact you because of your experience or skills? Keep away the thoughts of feeling sorry for yourself because that will deflates you and discourages you from finding a job or anything positive for that matter in your life. Ask questions that you yourself have the answers by taking the responsibility and solving problems rather than depending on the government, parents, family or anyone else, you become a captive of outside forces. When you write down 10 empowering right questions about your job search, you are halfway to the answers and ready to the next step.

Step two – Read through your ten questions and circle the one question that looks most promising to get you hired fast. Let’s say you write the following question on a new sheet of paper:
How could I motivate employer to call me with job leads? Write down several possible answers for each question and move on to the next question. Make sure by the end of this step, you have as many solutions to your questions. There are times that brains hate to think hard like bench pressing, persistence thinking is tiring but don’t let your head off the hook so easily. Do not stop until you get 20 or more solutions for your questions and think that your employment depends on the outcome, because it does! Now probably your 20 answers aren’t that good which is OK. Your best answer may come later because you have flushed out your subconscious mind to dredge up a winning answer and ready to your next step.

Step Three – Take one promising answer/solution out of the 20 from your list and put it to the action today and make it happen without an excuse. Let’s say the most actionable of your solutions is to go in your business district and do a networking where you can meet employers, and let them know about your job search or can call them on the phone to make an appointment. Before you know it, your networking will be a reality. After that, take the next most-promising solution from your list of 20 and make that one happen, repeat until hired.

The reason why these 3 steps are so powerful and work well when it comes to solving problems because clear thinking plus continuous action equals positive results. Now go out and make it happen and have your own adventure, we wish you success and to read more click here.