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Why a Job Contract?

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There are times that you question yourself if you really need to have a written contract. After a successful job interview and a firm handshake with employer who promised you a good salary package,  you think  it is a seal deal, do you need more than that?  The answer is “YES”. You need a written contract is like having the confirmation between employer and you which is legally binding. If the hiring employer fails to act according to your contract, then they have broken their promise and are liable for the damages. However, if the agreement was oral promise that you will receive 20 percent of the profit sharing of the company but later figure changed to 2 percent, surely you will be shocked to learn that. Is the promise worth anything? Unfortunately, the answer is probably NO, because oral contracts are not enforceable and it is so difficult to establish the terms of an oral contract in a dispute, the legal system tries to discourage them. Regrettably, there are unethical businesses around and you can save yourself a lot of headaches by discovering this information in advance by asking employer for a written contract once you are hired. If the prospect employer starts bringing excuses and delaying your contract, it may be a sign they are unable to meet their promises. Possibly that can give you pause before you pledge your time and energy with an unethical company.

Freelance Tips From Home

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Working from home needs a set of decisions that you must seriously make before quitting your nine to five job. Your decisions whether you can work your own because isolation could be a problem, working at home alone can be lonely and frustrating at times so make sure you are comfortable with spending time alone. If you are motivated and focused and you don’t need outside push from a person or a group about your deadlines because you have discipline. You don’t need anyone to look over your shoulder and make sure that your work is done timely and correctly. You are not allowing any distractions like housework, television, drop-ins and spontaneous friends and family invitations can hindrances to your work at home success. If you have young children that aren’t in school yet, it may be difficult to work at home with children is not always as easy as it seems. If you don’t have a clear work schedule, set boundaries for your time, people around you wouldn’t take you seriously about your work. Organizing your home at large will help make your business more organized. While it may take a while to establish some organizational habits in your house, your efforts will be well worth it. Working at home is one of the fastest growing trends in careers today. However, many people jump on without considering all of the drawbacks to working at home. While some people are naturally inclined to work at home, others find the transition more difficult to make. There are many benefits to working at home, but the drawbacks need to be well-thought-out before you make the choice.

Training and Internship

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Learning a new, highly skilled line of work, involves a thorough, hands-on, committed training involvement. This is where the method of trainee-ship follows. It fills-in the training gap in those places where supervision is needed and offers hands-on guidance and a complete understanding of how a specific procedure works. Trainee-ship or apprenticeship is one of the most successful methods any one can use to improve new skills, particularly in a highly methodological craft. It normally includes full time, on the job experience under an expert in that specific job, to learn the trade the most valuable, safest way for that industry. For instance, you don’t become a chef by cooking a few easy food or based on life experience, you apprentice under an expert chef, to learn the most important, safest method for cooking and handle produce. Or your love for screen media, you need to develop Technics to deliver information through video filming and recording equipment and working with crew. Hence, the trainee-ship programs create some of the most highly skilled and well paid individuals who work at their jobs anywhere in the world.

Culinary Career Options

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If you choose to explore in the culinary field, because you are discovering your interest and talents for creative cooking and you normally find yourself right at home in the kitchen, perhaps a chef career would be right up your alley. Desire to cook and come up with existing dishes in new creative ways for old standards and decorate plate presentation in a delicious way. Your responsibility will not stop only to manage kitchen staff but sometimes deal with front of the house staff as well. If you seriously interested in cooking, the only way to become a good chef is to put a great deal of effort into becoming skillful. To do this, you must take culinary training courses from a professional chef school and become an apprentice and you learn the art of cooking, preparation, presentation and management. You learn from books and practical training and if the training culinary school happens to be a reputable one, then it may help you later with your employment career to get hired fast.

Salary Negotiation Tips

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If you have been invited back after your job interview to meet other important people of the company, then, congratulations you must be happy and thrilled because they may offer you the job! Here is a perfect article as how you can negotiate a better remuneration package for yourself before you accept and sign the contract. Your aim here is to achieve the best possible outcome, however, the principle of fairness need to be considered and seeking mutual benefits and maintain a good relationship with employer are the keys to a successful outcome. The more knowledge you possess about the company’s need, the greater your participation in the process of negotiation. In other words, good preparation is essential. If you decide to settle with their unreasonable salary package and not negotiate, probably would be the biggest mistake to accept their offer. The research shows that young job seekers and women job seekers feel unease to negotiate for better salary offer. Remember if you settle for a lower salary package, you’ll earn less and will receive small raise percentage because of your low based salary. The followings are few tips that are essential for effective salary Negotiation.