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Top 3 Interview Advice

Top 3 Interview Advice

There are endless revealing signs of nervousness at a job interview, lots of sweating, shaking, stammering, dry mouth and the list can go on. But the good news is, there are ways to fight those signals and cover your anxiety. Get your nervous tics out of the way before you enter the meeting room. We are not suggesting abandon your habits of cracking your knuckles, biting your nails, playing with your hair; just make a mental note to hold off for the few hours you are in the meeting. Believe that you are capable of landing this job so have confidence in yourself. After all, they called you; they determined your resume and cover letter were worthy of an interview. So practice potential questions and your answers, but also work on building confidence in yourself and having a positive outlook. 

How Networking Can Get You A Job

How Networking can get you a job

A successful personal marketing plan, which is what networking is all about. The cost to you would be little or nothing to implement and for the unemployed person who is short in cash that can be a real relief. You will learn of jobs before thousands of others learn about them, if you are networking well. Networking, then, is simply the best way to find a job. Even a professional Human Resource Management knows that. Logically, then, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to network and how to take advantage of your networking. The following is a list of suggestions and advice for college students and recent graduates seeking to get a foot in the door in the working world through networking can gain valuable experience that will jump-start a meaningful and fulfilling career. You can easily modify the suggestions for your particular field of interest.

Are You Chasing the Time?

Are You Chasing the Time?

Do you go panic when you realized the day ended and you haven’t done anything productive? Or for some people no matter how hard they try, it seems they can’t catch up with their tasks on time. It is true that all our effort, time and energy are always tested in this demanding busy world and sometimes we feel there is not enough time to do everything that we want to do. Even with the help of computers, emails, cell phones and advanced technology that prove to be beneficial to keep the flow of doing things smoothly, still we can’t catch up with our work load.You may ask what is the answer and how would you control time?  The answer lies not in controlling time but in managing and scheduling time and this is the essence of goal setting. There is one fundamental key in doing things that would increase your capacity.

Pre Job Screening for Drug Test

Pre Job screening for Drug test

Lot of employers these days complain of not finding good employees, and most have found a way that assures them success. As we discussed in our previous article background checking on job applicants will usually caution employer against hiring someone whose information is hard to read, has gaps or inconsistencies, or is lacking important details. So companies have candidates fill out a job application that is specifically designed to get the information that’s required to run a complete background check. Job seekers unthinkingly accept that the employer has something they want which is a job, therefore employer position is superior. If this is truly the way things are, then employers should not complaining about difficulty finding good employees and let’s stop the fiction. So this reality of mutual need is unclear before you even submit a resume.

Why a Background Check?

Why a background check

Do you ever wonder why a hiring company wants to check your background? Job Applicants get turned down for jobs every day, some job seekers don’t have the right experience and others don’t interview well etc.  But the major reason that applicants don’t get job offers, they didn’t pass the background check. Lot of companies these days run some type of background check on their job applicants because they feel it is an essential part of the hiring before they make a hiring decision. Hiring companies understand that bad hiring decisions can affect them big problems later. During a background check, a hiring company takes a closer look at who they hire by looking at your quality of personal and professional history.  They verify your education and past employment, check to see if there is criminal activity in your past, and talk to your references. Some companies may even look at your driving record, credit history or previous drug testing results or current drug consumption which will affect your performance at work.