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Job Seekers with Disabilities

A disable lady worker

People with  disabilities stay as an untapped source in any country’s employment sector, facing a joblessness rate of 85 percent. According to a recent survey, seven out of ten people with disabilities who are not employed want to work, but the lack of job openings and ease of access prevent them from finding work. Do you believe disability is a reason not to be successful and employed? Unquestionably not the case. There are some permanently handicapped individuals who are extremely successful and have accomplished reputable positions in various businesses, science arena and in the sports field. Some of these noble people, have severe handicaps and come through a very disadvantage background than you. So how did they get to the top?

There is no secret, it all begins with having the correct mentality and mindset. It means having your attention on the correct target and your goal, focusing on possibilities and prospects rather than on obstacles and feeling hopeless and weak.

What Moves or Inspires You?

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Have you ever felt about a project or a job that you need to do but dread of starting; or meeting that person who could help you on your task but strangely enough you are putting it off? You know it needs to be done but you convince yourself with so many lies in your head not to take that step. When the positive feeling isn’t there to inspire or moves you, then there must be something in you, possibly subconsciously delaying the process. We’re all guilty of unmotivated state of mind at one time or another. Instead of getting on with the job and facing inevitable task, we’re busy not wanting things that needs to be done. Hence, no action takes place, and that would keep you stalling by doing nothing towards the task at hand and we call it “not motivated” or another words “procrastination”. Understand the root of your unmotivated state, and how you can help yourself to move on and face anything head on in your life without fear, excuses and dilemmas. We can offer few advice that can help you with your motivation issues which ultimately influence your productivity, feeling good about yourself and you’ll notice things are moving beautifully.

Training and Internship

Group of people for training and internship

Learning a new, highly skilled line of work, involves a thorough, hands-on, committed training involvement. This is where the method of trainee-ship follows. It fills-in the training gap in those places where supervision is needed and offers hands-on guidance and a complete understanding of how a specific procedure works. Trainee-ship or apprenticeship is one of the most successful methods any one can use to improve new skills, particularly in a highly methodological craft. It normally includes full time, on the job experience under an expert in that specific job, to learn the trade the most valuable, safest way for that industry. For instance, you don’t become a chef by cooking a few easy food or based on life experience, you apprentice under an expert chef, to learn the most important, safest method for cooking and handle produce. Or your love for screen media, you need to develop Technics to deliver information through video filming and recording equipment and working with crew. Hence, the trainee-ship programs create some of the most highly skilled and well paid individuals who work at their jobs anywhere in the world.

Enter the Success Key

Enter the Key

A secret so huge and so astonishing, it will help you to finally get past those deceitful self-limitations, from all of those dark emotional unknown fears that have kept you from trying new things, from meeting new people, and from finding the job and ideal employment that you have wished for. And while it is true that what you are about to learn may be unlike anything you have ever heard or read about before, we promise you it holds incredible power to lead you to an extraordinary and volatile new action in your life. But before we can go into it, we first have to take an honest look at an experience that has become all too common in unemployed people’s lives. And perhaps for countless others, the putting off may be doing as simple as inability to complete a common job search, or updating the resume or cover letter. Regardless how hard you try, it seems you either can’t begin or can’t finish what you started. Pain and humiliation when good intentions nosedives to deliver. It is heartbreaking, and that is the truth and no one can denies the feeling hurt.

Career Options in Sales

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Finding jobs these days is a very competitive and sometimes ruthless affairs. However, if you find that you enjoy meeting new people and helping them to find their needs, then, you got a foot in the door in the working world. One of the most important quality of a successful sales person is their energy and enthusiasm. They command a presence and hold the attention of everyone around them. Every business has a selection of requirements that an employee has to meet, in searching for a sales job, how do you prepare yourself for a competitive situation? Here are a few useful advice to help you get the edge in sales job and landing and acing the interview.