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Job That’s Not Advertised


How do you get a job when it isn’t advertised? If you are not sure whether or not you should submit a job application or drop off your resume to a company that isn’t advertising, there are a number of key factors that need to be taken into consideration. Maybe, the most important part is if you know for sure the company is not hiring. Now, there is a difference between knowing in advance that a business isn’t hiring versus being told as soon as you go to turn in your job application or your resume. If you are told when you are presenting your resume or job application, it is recommended that you make an inquiry about the upcoming jobs? Some companies hang on to resumes that they are interested. Of course, if the business in question later advertises that they are hiring within a month, your resume possibly would be on file and you may want to call them and ask them to review your resume or they may call you for an interview. But if you have submitted your application over six months ago and only end up getting a response now, it may already end up being too late because you already have a new job.

A Great Place to Find Job Listings

Secrets to Find a Job Fast

Are you looking for a new job? If you are, our advice is the best way to go about finding a local job right where you live. When it comes to finding a job, you have a number of different options. For example, you could use the internet, visit one of your local career help centers, go to career fairs, or flip through your local newspaper. Even though all of these job finding methods are physically possible, you may want to strongly check looking in your local newspapers. Although many of you possibly do not believe it anymore, but your local newspaper or newspapers are great ways to find open, available job listings. Probably, the best part about using your local newspaper to find local job openings in the area is that newspapers are often free or low-cost. If you find yourself wanting to know the local news, if any concerts are taking place next weekend, or what kind of new development will be happening in your area, you may end up picking up a newspaper anyways. If you are a regular reader of your local newspaper or newspapers, it wouldn’t even be an extra expense for you. All you need to do is remember to flip to the back of your local newspaper and checkout the employment section.

Be Your Own Boss

entrepreneurship sign

Many of us are stuck holding a 9 to 5 type job where one earns a fixed salary is a seemingly inescapable rut. We validate our reason as needing a stable income to cover expenses, our bills to support our families need and quite contented with this sort of lifestyle. Perhaps we are too frightened by the concept of entrepreneurship thinking that we will be unsuccessful at it. Well, the world does need employees too. Conversely, you may think we have no choice, in reality we all have choices in life and it CAN be different than staying in the 9 to 5 rut seemingly inescapable job. How, then we are going to do it? The only real way out of it is to become an entrepreneur, where one is his/her own boss and can control his/her earnings. Of course, being an entrepreneur has its risks. That comes with anything you do (including holding a 9 to 5 job, where you can get laid off at any given moment).

What You Should Do If You Are Laid Off From Your Job

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What’s the worst day of the week? For lots of people, it’s Friday. That’s the day employers usually hand out the letter or the HR will give you the bad news that your service is no longer required. In today’s society, it seems as if layoffs are increasing in popularity. Layoffs are something that you can regularly hear about in the news. As more businesses are forced to downsize, you may find yourself laid off from your current position. This layoff may be permanent or temporary; it often depends on the needs and current state of your employer. Either way, should you find yourself laid off, you will want to continue reading on. When it comes to layoffs one of the most commonly asked questions is “what should I do?” In all honesty, there is actually a lot that you can do and there is no secret.